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Donna Marszowski 2019
Thank you for the excellent service that your company has provided our family this past year.
Lizette Ochoa 2019
Thank you for being on time and professional.
Ding Hardin 2019
We are very happy with your great drivers and customer service. Happy Thanksgiving!
Ruth Humphrey 2019
You guys were great.
Thank you!
James Brouch - 2019
Very happy former customer for 2 years.
Highly recommend your service!
We've moved and no longer need your service.
Very best to you.
Connie Billapando 2018/19
Service was amazing.
Jack M 2018/19
We really appreciate the service you and your company provide.
Keep up the good work.
Jim Brouch 2018/19
Hands down. Catch A Ride is the best option out there for transportation.
Thanks again for your service.
Linda Burke - 2018/19
THANK YOU for the efficient and professional service you provide.This was our daughters first trip and it was WONDERFUL!
Karen Cearing
Thank you for getting our daughter safely and on time the past 4 years! Really great service, much appreciated.
Brian Homans
Thanks for years of trouble-free service. Our senior graduated in December!
Juliana Nsonwah Kennedy
Thank you for your help getting Adjoa to and from school safely.
Alisa Cole
I appreciate the service you offer our students.
Kevin Du
I love Catch A Ride's service. I'm a campus tour guide and always share with the Chicago suburb people how I get home!
Kathy Downey
I love your service and thanks for keeping the safety of the students in mind-it is appreciated. I also appreciate your professionalism in transporting the kids back and forth. It is refreshing!
Lisa Barr 2016/17
Thank you for all that you do!
Marianne Rozanski 2016/17
Your service was fantastic! My daughter used Catch a Ride at multiple times and the buses were always on time. So thankful that this service was available.
Sue Pastuovic 2016/17
Thank you for eliminating some of the parental worries of kids driving home on 65. A great safe option for Chicago suburbanites!
Catherine Hinckley 2016/17
Great service! You made our daughter's freshman year at IU MUCH better because she could easily and safely get home for a weekend when she needed to! THANK YOU for providing this bus service. :)
Nancy Frankel
Your service was one of the best parts of our daughter's time at IU. I can't imagine what we would have done without Catcharide. You stayed ahead of every detail.
We never miss a chance to recommend you!
Rose Marino
Susan. You've been so helpful and I just want to say thank you!
Tim O'Gara
You run a good business. Easy to deal with. Nice work!
Susan Luka
Susan. You have been great to work with.
I appreciate your follow through.
Jody McWilliams
My son takes your bus to and from McNutt to Northbrook, it is such a great service, on time and safe.
Linda Carey
We would like to thank you for the great bus service. We are very impressed by your drivers. They make my son feel safe and at ease traveling back and forth from IU.
Nancy Koutropoulos
I just want to say thank you for offering this service. It makes my life a lot easier.
Darice Lovell
Thank you to you and your driver for safely arriving in Bloomington
With my and others precious baby!!!
With all of this snow he obviously is an expert.
Thank you.
J. Beck
My son was on the bus yesterday. I wanted to write this email to say Thank You to the bus driver. Driving conditions were awful and he did a great job!
Jamie Pellar
I want to say thank you for providing such an invaluable service. Each time I put my daughter on the bus, I feel she truly will be safe. What sets you apart from anyone else is the fact only students ride your bus and that you, the owner, are personally involved.
Lori Wolff
My daughter is a sophomore and we love Catch A Ride. It is so convenient at IU and Northbrook. The bus is reliable and I know my daughter is in for a safe ride. We really appreciate your services!
Pam Perkaus
We have enjoyed using your service. It's great to have transportation so "clued-in" to IU's schedule. Your company is very prompt and reliable.
Sharon Bresler
Thank you so much for your convenient, reliable bus service. It was so nice to know my daughter could come home safely and comfortably, in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend you to other families.
I love getting email reminders to book a bus. I have been happy with the way this service runs.
Caroline Tsourmas
Thank you Susan for providing "a very nervous freshman mom" with safe means of transportation for her kids. We will continue to use Catch A Ride next year. Wouldn't transport them any other way.
Sue LoLordo
I would like to thank YOU again for this wonderful service. I always felt my daughter was in the safest possible environment when she was traveling on your buses. Thank you for being as accommodating as possible when we needed a last minute change in our ride. I would highly recommend Catch A Ride to anyone I know.
Bob Silverman
I don't know what we would do without Catch A Ride!
Vicki Sanders
I cannot thank you enough for your services. Every bus driver is kind, helpful, and very efficient. We will be seeing you again next school year!
Steve C.
From routing me on an alternate bus, Catch-a-Ride went above and beyond and never let me down.
Thanks for the great service and your customer satisfaction flexibility.
Wanted to say a big thank you for getting my son home safe and sound and 1/2 hour early!!! Really appreciate the service and convenience. Will definitely recommend and use service again.
You provide a wonderful service, there is such a need for this down at IU. You are an angel to parents like me! All the best.
Norma Bandel
Thank you for bringing our kids back and safely.
Donna M.
Thank you for providing such a great ride from IU and back for Thanksgiving for Ryan and his friends! I convinced several moms that it was the way to go and I think the boys enjoyed being with their friends---and we certainly enjoyed the short ride to Woodfield. What a great service you have provided!

Thanks again. See you soon for the Christmas holiday journey.
Linda M.
I truly enjoyed the opportunity to use Catch-A-Ride. I am so happy to have your services available to us parents, that just "at some times" are not able or don't have the means of transporting our loved ones. Thank again.
Just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful service. My son, Kristopher, took it over Thanksgiving and it was great! As a parent I was so grateful for the peace of mind it provided me.
Kathy F.
Thank you for your outstanding service. We appreciated that Catch-A-Ride provided Kelly with a safe ride home from school.
Jan S.
Thanks so much for this service. It worked well. My daughter is a freshman from LA and we have family in Chicago north suburbs, we appreciate your time!
Jill S.
Just want to thank you for providing such a wonderful service! It's been a great safe, affordable option to trying to do the drive down and back in a day!
The Horwitz Family
Thank you for providing a great service!
Shari Cohen
The Catch-A-Ride has been great these last two years we have used your service.
Chris & Jim Patterson and Whiskers too (our beloved orange 15 year old cat)
I really enjoyed listening to your amazing experience traveling to the Inaugural - when you look back at your life some day you should be able to feel a lot of pride that you had the gumption (I just love that word!) to do that AND that you enabled others to share such an amazing life experience too!
Continued success and good luck with provide a wonderful service, and all of us parents are very grateful.
Bob Arroyo
Great job Susan. They even go in early! Many thanks for such a well run operation.
Terry Sweeney
I would like to thank you for being so understanding and efficient in my and Brendan's times of "transportation crisis". You were very nice to talk with and very informative, I won't forget that.
I think Catch-A-Ride is a fabulous service, extremely well organized and easy to deal with.

I will always remember the time that Brendan's ride left a day early and he had no ride home for Christmas. I called, you, you answered immediately and ironically knew of similar scenarios! You arranged for a ticket and he was home on time. Again, thank you for all you have done for our family over the 4 years. I would and will recommend your service to any IU parent I come across.
Mary Anne W.
I have always been very pleased with the Catch-A-Ride program and feel it is a safe, dependable way to get my student to and from school for holidays. You are organized, easy to use and responsive to any questions. No matter what the weather, I always feel my son is safe riding on the Catch-A-Ride bus. Thank you for providing this service!
Donna & Michael Cameli
I am just writing to compliment your company on the fine service that we received when our son took your bus home and back to school on his Thanksgiving break. He commented on how well organized the trip home was when we first saw him and when we went to Merrillville for his return trip, we were impressed ourselves.

When the bus arrived they were very organized in their boarding procedure. As a parent, it was comforting to both of us to know that our son was being driven back to school by a company that took his safety and security as serious as his parents take it. Thanks for your fine service. Our son is a freshman and we are relieved to have a reliable, safe mode of transportation for his trips to school and home. We have already recommended your service to another Indiana parent and will continue to use your service as well as recommend it highly.
Our daughter has not needed your service recently as she has been able to obtain other rides when needed however, it is truly comfort to know that your service is available. You are excellent at your customer service, and our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her ride when she did need it.
Again, thanks much."
Thanks again-continued good luck in the future."