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We’re Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

ten yearsIt’s been an exciting 10 years since Catch-A-Ride transportation was first launched at Indiana University and thousands of students later we remain true to our original vision of providing a convenient, highly personalized and safe way for students from the Chicagoland and Merrillville areas to return home during key holidays, semester breaks and over select weekends.

Conceived by a parent of three IU students searching for a trustworthy, cost efficient and direct way to bring her and her neighbor’s freshmen students home for family holidays and semester breaks, it quickly blossomed into a “student-only” nonstop bus service from the university to multiple suburban Chicago communities and to Merrillville, IN

Over the years and miles we’ve made a lot of friends and received many compliments and suggestions.  What we value most however is the level of trust and confidence that students and parents have demonstrated by choosing Catch-A-Ride over other forms of transportation.  For this we will always be grateful and continuously strive to provide the very best in student personalized transportation.

Thank you!!


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    December 16
    December 17
    December 18
    December 19
    January 6 (early sorority return)
    January 9
    January 10

    Round trip and one way tickets available